Want to get started with large scale addtive manufacturing using robotics and the latest slicing software? You are in the right place! Click on the configurator button to start setting up your AM cell, the robot and size you need for your business idea!

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Aquilo is our Large Format Additive Manufacturing setup, based on a robot for movement control, a pellet extruder for the needed polymer output and a heated bed to sustain the print.
With the ability to print a variety of polymers with different fillers like wood, glass fibre and carbon fibre coupled with slicing capabilities developed hand in hand with the best 3D printer manufacturers on the market, we are sure to provide a capable system for our Customers need


The basic setup of a system is designed with performance and cost in mind. The layout is done in such a way that a customer is able to install robot with pre-installed extruder, bed, fencing, dryer etc and having a final safety check with ADDICT3D to approve the installation.
For more advanced setups with enclosures where the climate is more closely monitored we will perform the installation on your behalf, or if preferred, assist you on the standard installation. All our systems are high performing pellet extruder 3D printer setups, regardless of their size adapted to your needs.
We have many years of experience with robotics and have participated in progressing many of the functions in the ABB 3DP package that greatly assists the customer when printing.
Choose from features like bed heating, bed levelling, drying capabilities, multiple bed sizes and setups around the robot to be tailored to your needs and space availability
Our drying systems are scalable along with your chosen extrusion capacity proving feeding for all movements, at speeds to have the system printing for hours on end. The system can be supplied with sensors for remaining pellet volume.
For custom cell setups we offer rotational tables, positioners (heavy duty) and tracks to increase the reachability of the robot.


Partnering with the more innovative pellet extruder suppliers on the market,  Rev3rd and KFM, we provide a system capable of processing and melting most polymers on the market. Different versions coupled with different robots sustain a continuous output of composites, all in the industry standardized form, namely pellets. Rest assured that your system will have a highly functional pellet extruder to support your FGF 3D printing experience.
Best 3D Printer Manufacturers