ADDICT3D develops and builds custom industrial solutions for robotic additive manufacturing. It is a subsidiary Spectrum Group AB, located in Karlshamn on the south-eastern coast of Sweden.

Spectrum Technology is also a subsidiary with focus on automation and much of the work going in to ADDICT3D are a direct result of the long experience that the people in Spectrum Technology has gained. 

Spectrum is a provider of specialized solutions for industrial automation and offer everything from concept design, projecting, construction, programming and manufacturing to installation, commissioning and service of machines and entire production lines. Spectrum is also a part owner of the design company Sculptur ( which use robotic 3D printing to print interior design in biobased and recycled materials.

ADDICT3D was founded to add focus on the additive manufacturing and development of machines in that field. 

It all began with an idea on printing with robots and a more specific collaboration between ABB and Spectrum Technology took shape. During the collaboration with ABB we were invited to a project together with RISE funded by EIT manufacturing. Softdream was the project name and it was ongoing for two years. Companies and research institutes like Volkswagen Group innovation, Aerospace Valley, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Estia and RISE were all involved during the project an a revolutionising software was formed and now commercialized in the company Adaxis. 

In parallel Spectrum continued the designing of robot printers and was a testbed for the discoveries made in Softdream – putting us in a position as a very good printer provider since we have a strong connction between the slicer and the hardware.